Being Coached, Eating Elk, and Discovering a Pop Obsession

I came to the conclusion, after a few solid weeks of feeling bleak about the world, my skills (or lack thereof), and my day-to-day life, that it was time to consult a professional about my career crisis. I set up a noon appointment for an initial phone consultation with a career coach and found a quiet place at work to talk – i.e. I parked my car in the parking garage across the street.

I was impressed with the guy’s demeanor, and the fact that he had recently gone through a similar phase of not being happy at a job and finding a way out. For some people, getting advice from someone in their immediate age group might not seem appealing, but I feel like I can get in to this. He says his methodology involves determining strengths, values, and personality traits and finding careers that will match. I strongly believe that my personality (ISTJ last time I checked) plays a large role in how I experience the work world, so I’m eager to see how this all turns out. Once I formally decide to work with the coach, I will write more about it.

In other news, my husband made elk burgers last night. His dad is very much into bow hunting elk and deer – in fact in he grew up eating mostly meat his dad had hunted – and on his visit this month back home, my husband brought back a freezer’s worth of last winter’s bounty. I consider myself 85% vegetarian (the years I spent being vegetarian as a child and vegan as a young adult have left their mark on my eating preferences forever) but I’m open to the idea of wild meat (none of the evils of factory farming to atone for, right?) so I suggested we try some. Although drier than I imagine a beef hamburger to be, I found them surprisingly palatable and non-gamy. The heirloom tomatoes, aioli, cheese and home fries that accompanied the elk meat didn’t hurt either – it was a gourmet version of burgers and fries to be sure.

On a final unrelated note, I was surprised and hugely amused to find out on Saturday night that my mother (whom I have never known to like any popular music, outside of the Beatles and my brother’s band) has a bit of a secret obsession with this guy:

I think I get it. He’s from Utah (as is my mom), is innocent and cute, and has a nice voice to boot. I don’t watch American Idol but I understand the appeal. It’s all about the making of a star, and he seems to have that je-ne-sais-quoi that goes beyond looking and sounding nice. As an added bonus he’s got a very positive, not-yet-jaded vibe (I suppose that comes with being seventeen). So much so that a 50-something who doesn’t normally like anything more popular than Steve Reich can be found rocking out to his single while cleaning the kitchen. I personally think it’s adorable.


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