Is it just me…

Or did NONE of the garments from last week live up to the promise of avant-garde?

Leanne, Suede, Kenley, Terri

Clockwise from top left: Leanne, Suede, Kenley, Terri

Blayne, Jerrell, Korto, Joe

Blayne, Jerrell, Korto, Joe

Last week all previously eliminated designers had to endure the great humiliation of returning to the show to be matched with another designer and to serve as their assistant as they created “avant-garde” outfits based on one of the design pair’s astrological signs. Are the producers running out of ideas? Because I’d be happy to share some suggestions (maybe they could have a suicide bomber vest challenge to really stir things up?)

Some of the outfits above are certainly pretty. Leanne and Korto have made gorgeous outfits as usual, and while not avant-garde per se, they are solid enough that I’m sure they will both be in the top three, along with Kenley. I assume Suede will be out next (nice try with the whole flashy-personality thing, but honestly, he’s annoying and hasn’t produced anything great), followed by Joe, then Jerrell. Actually, maybe Jerrell will be in the top three, instead of Kenley. I’m sure a little digging around on the net could produce some answers, but I’d rather not know, so please do not tell me.

On a final note, while Blayne certainly deserved the boot, I was a little sad knowing that we’ll never see the likes of this again:



Maybe if he’d saved that one for the avant-garde challenge, he’d still be around. I guess we’re stuck with “serious” fashion from here on out 😦


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