(Insert Obama quip here). I’m unofficially in my 4th week of 10k Training Light (TM). I ran three miles on Tuesday on a treadmill, at speeds which recently seemed punishing (6.8 on the treadmill, or about 8:50 miles). In my peak condition, I could run three miles at about a seven-minute mile pace, so this achievement on Tuesday isn’t a like a personal record or anything, but rather a sign that I’m slowly but surely becoming more like the fit version of myself.

More than the omnipresent Fear of Becoming Fat (FOBF – that great, terrifying motivator which somehow becomes more pervasive after getting married), I am motivated by becoming faster (that’s where the treadmill pedometer comes in handy) as well stronger. I think getting strong is a good goal for any woman, above becoming fast or losing weight. Getting stronger is a great feeling – my leg and arm muscles are noticeably more defined, and I reap the rewards of the work I’ve put into them as I stride up the hills and staircases in my neighborhood. In my fantasies, being strong also means I’m more ready to fight off any bad guys out there that might want to mess with me – and living in the crime capital of the Bay Area, this is a real possibility.

On a deeper level, kicking ass on a physical level helps other areas of my life – in particular my mental and emotional fortitude. I trained and completed a marathon at a very emotionally painful time in my life, and I think it was the running that helped me get through it. When you set out physical goals and allow yourself to achieve them, you begin to see how you can also kick ass in other areas of your life.


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