Sometimes sharing a bed can mean that if one person isn’t sleeping well, neither will get a good night’s rest. Did anyone else read this BBC article about bed sharing and male “brain drain?” I wonder if it applies to women too, because on days when I have spent the previous night tossing, turning and vying for my share of covers (I swear, though he would deny it, they seem to end up covering only a quarter of my body, after being kicked down to the end of the bed and pulled over to his side) I feel like I may as well call in sick. My mind is unable to focus on simple tasks for very long, reserving its energy for strategizing about locating the next caffeine source or snack. No wonder sleep disorders have been linked to obesity.

I think when my husband and I move to a bigger place (greater power willing), we might invest in an extra bed. Not for every single night, but for those nights when one of us really needs their (separate) rest. Any other married couples out there on the internetz contemplating separate beds, for the sake of a good night’s sleep?


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