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My mom was a pretty straight-laced parent for the most part, but one *super awesome* thing she did when I was a kid was allow me to paint my room however I liked. My childhood bedroom had an almost-life-size cow painted on the wall by my bed, a dolphin scene taking up the adjacent wall, a jungle scene on the next wall, and a desert scene on the thin strip of wall above my windows. All painted by me, in my 10-year-old one-dimensional style. I later painted over the walls, as my teenage self didn’t find the animal scenes to be very cool anymore, but I kept it crazy – one wall was kelly green, while the other was a bright aqua.

I now live in a 900 square-foot apartment with white-washed-looking walls. We are definitely staying for about another year, so I figure it’s time to warm things up. I just got the okay from my landlord (and my husband) so I immediately headed to OSH to grab paint chips. Below I give you my shameful attempt at a floor plan (the fact that I’ve taken an interior design course makes this all the more embarrassing, but this is just to illustrate what we’re working with):

Please dont laugh

Please don't laugh

So I ask you, if you lived in a relatively small space with hard wood floors, zero moldings or trims, and yet LOTS of wall space, what color would you paint the living room? I can’t decide if I want to paint just one wall (this might be hard because there aren’t any natural breaks on the wall I want to paint – it just becomes a hallway) or the whole room, but I’m thinking of a warm neutral, like these:

Not as exciting as dolphins and cows, I know, but a bit more relaxing, I think.

And here’s the only decent photo I could find of my apartment:

alarmingly white walls

alarmingly white walls


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