Sewing and Glowing, with Aussie Accents

I wasn’t aware until recently that Australia has its own version of Project Runway (um, so does Canada, Malaysia, Norway and the Philippines, according to Wikipedia), which aired this summer. Thank God for Youtube, because I doubt it will ever air in the U.S. (Also thank God for Youtube because I don’t have a TV). Aussie PR is a decent franchise, with similar-but-less-memorable counterparts to the U.S. version. There’s blonde super model host Kristy Hinze, who is less shout-y and manages to have even less personality than Ms. Klum; peppy mentor and Greg Proops doppelganger Henry Roth:

Times up - tools down!

Time's up - tools down!

And of course the requisite bitchy fashion industry judges standing in for Kors and Garcia. There is even an echo of Season 4 winner Christian Siriano in Philippines-born, sass-talking Mark Antonio – both in his ludicrous hair and personality, as well as his sharp designs:

Beh-NAH-nahs ah my FEY-vor-it!

Beh-NAH-nahs ah my FEY-vor-it!

While it’s not of the same caliber as the version we know and love, it’s good for those of us who get twitchy mid-week, jonesing for our weekly dose of delicious catty runway drama. Here are some things I love about it:

  • More swearing than the U.S. version (witness: Helen: “You fucking stole my block!”  Oren: “Bitch.”)
  • Accents, obviously. Mark Antonio has what sounds like a cockney Australian accent (if there is such a thing). It makes everything sound SO much better.
  • The $$$ seems to matter more than the prestige: Helen (a Wendy-Pepper-esque figure) keeps repeating during one episode where she’s convinced someone’s been cheating, “a HUNDRED GRAND is at stake.”
  • Excellent quotes. See the following:

“If I had breasts I would’ve put one on myself and had the ultimate bikini top.”
“Keep sewing and glowing.”
“There’s no way I’m going to put a dog on that catwalk.”
“I felt like an Asian lady haggling for cheap bananas in Vietnam”

(The last one is especially delicious in Mark Antonio’s accent – you just have to hear it.

Youtube user qiriri can hook you up with Season 1.


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