Mrs. Bee Responds to Rumors; Mrs. Creampuff and Mrs. Hummingbird Say Goodbye

Mrs. Bee posted a thoughtful response over at Weddingbee today, speaking to the rumors that eHarmony had financial ties to Focus on the Family, that they do not allow (or have not in the past allowed) interracial matching on their site, and that they have assumed editorial control of the Hive. Mrs. Bee insists that none of these rumors are true.

Apparently Mrs. Hummingbird has also left the hive amidst the eHarmony fracas. You can read her farewell post here. Today Mrs. Creampuff also bids us adieu.

I believe this brings the tally of departed Bees up to four: Mrs. Creampuff, Mrs. Hummingbird, Miss Flipflop, Mrs. Gingerbread (and Mrs. Lovebug, although she posted a farewell a while back). Did I miss any?

I still respect every Bee’s decision to leave Weddingbee, whether or not there was a financial tie to Focus on the Family (there was certainly a prior business tie between FotF and the founder of eHarmony), and whatever eHarmony’s opinion on interracial dating is. While eHarmony has every right to refuse to make same-sex matches, the readers and bloggers at Weddingbee have every right to choose not to support such a site.  I fear that Weddingbee may crash and burn (or become a Knot clone) without its more interesting and political bloggers, but so be it.  It’s a good lesson in values.


One response to “Mrs. Bee Responds to Rumors; Mrs. Creampuff and Mrs. Hummingbird Say Goodbye

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