Sexy Librarian Jokes Aside

I’m thinking of applying to a master’s program in library science. Here are some pros:

  • Seems to fit my personality traits and skills (I like organization, books, technology, and helping people)
  • The program is online and is not cripplingly expensive (four digits a year, not five).  Also, I have like $4,700 from my AmeriCorps VISTA Ed award waiting to be spent 🙂
  • There seems to be a wealth of interesting and different library jobs out there – private, non-profit, government, academic, etc.
  • If you get into administration/management you can apparently make very good money
  • Entry level jobs earn respectable money (i.e. about as much as I make now)
  • The program doesn’t require GRE scores or letters of recommendation – (I can’t express in words how awesome this is)
  • I could dress like this:


Here are some cons:
  • Librarianism (librarianship?) is not a hugely fast-growing field.  All of those baby boomer librarians may decide to hang on to their jobs given the current economic state.
  • An online course means A LOT MORE time at my computer – e.g. communicating with professors, students, etc. online.  AND the program apparently uses Second Life as some kind of means of program-wide social networking, which freaks me out.
  • I’m really not sure how I would support myself working only part time or not at all.   I rarely feel like I have enough money while working full time.  Rent and food and gas are so damned expensive –  I have a hard time picturing how all of this would work.
  • I had a stoner housemate in college who ended up getting a master’s in library science.  She once let her brother sleep in my bed while I was out of town 😦
Right now I’m thinking I need to grab on to this spark of *wanting* to do something.  I’ve had these sparks before, but I’ve always let them die out.  Perhaps the best thing to do (considering the EPIC FAIL that is the economy right now) is to apply for the Spring semester, register for two classes, and keep working full time. I think I can do it.  We’ll see.

6 responses to “Sexy Librarian Jokes Aside

  1. Those pros seem like enough to outweigh the cons (except, perhaps, the stoner housemate). The spark thing is especially important… honestly, I’m in a field that I’m supposedly in because I love it, and I don’t feel the spark that often. I think it sounds like you really want it.

    Also, of the several acquaintances I have who have gotten their MLS, I don’t think I’ve heard of a single one regretting it. It seems like a great job if you have those interests – I just have a hard time sitting still and wouldn’t be good at it. 😀 But your half-time plan sounds like a great idea. Good luck!!!

  2. love the “sexy librarian” tag, btw.

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  4. Thanks for the comments Wendy, I appreciate your support! I think I need to talk to more librarians (sexy and otherwise) to see if it’s a career I can really get in to.

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