Bridal Showdown

I was partly groaning, partly giddy when they announced that the four finalists would need to make a wedding gown which would determine who showed their collections at Fashion Week.  Ample time and money to design the gown of their dreams?  Oh, and of course they were asked to make a bridesmaid’s dress at the eleventh hour.  Let’s see what the top four came up with:

Let’s start with Jerrell:


Looks like she fell in the gutter.

Ok, so I see what he was going for with for the bride.  We’ve seen similar sillhouettes/construction from high-end bridal wear designers.  But the dirty color?  The exploding bust?  The flowers springing forth from her head? Not exactly how I’d wanna look on my wedding day (or what I’d what to see coming up the aisle). Freak-ay.  The BM dress looks decent to me, but almost seems too tame compared to the drama that is the bride.  I can’t decide whether or not I’d want to attend this wedding.  At the very least, it would *interesting.*



She's not crying tears of joy for the bride.

I appreciate what she’s trying to do with colors and textures, but in the end it looks like a bride and bridesmaid on safari.  The texturing around the bride’s torso reminds me of corrugated cardboard, and her poor maid just looks sad.  I would be too if i had to wear a halter dress made out of grocery bags.  However I see the method behind the madness – there’s real constructino going on – and her collection looks like it rocks, so she deserves to be in.



Cute if you're 5'11" and 125 lbs

Kenley needs to learn once again that it pays to look at current fashions.  Kors says that ALexander McQueen just showed a similar wedding dress.  Kenley REFUSES to believe that a similar silhouette exists out there in the world.  C’mon Kenley, you live in BROOKLYN.  Are you in complete isolation from ALL THINGS FASHION?  I don’t think so.  Also the BM dress?  Kors says that every girl would want to wear it. Sorry, but most of the girls I know (including me) would FREAK if they had to wear that.  Can you imagine four of those in a row?  Most of the girls I know like dresses to a) cover their undies and b) flatter their hips, not inflate them to cartoonish proportions.  Kenley, you’re allowed to wear the McQueen-eque gown on your wedding day (I’ll refrain from jokes about the kind of guy who’d want to marry you) but please, please do not make your girls wear that BM dress.  It just ain’t dignified.




Ahhh…. Leanne’s pieces were like a breath of fresh air.  Yes, THIS is a good high-fashion interpretation of what a wedding should look like, and there’s a small chance that real women might wear this.  The garments are soft and flowing, and follow the wave aesthetic of her collection.  The colors are more traditional and they LOOK GOOD.  Way to go Leanne, you understand that brides want to look beautiful. 

And in the end… it’s the freakiness that is Jerrell that just doesn’t make the cut.  I find it a little funny that we were being set up to see him, Leanne and Korto as the finalists (Tim doesn’t even meet any of Kenley’s friends or family when he goes to visit her.. wtf?)  But in the end, the ladies triumphed.  I think it was the right decision.

I’ve got my money on Miz Leannimal.  Anyone want to make a wager?


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