Lost Pup

One of the reasons I love my husband is because he is just as much, if not more of an animal softy than I am. This morning he found this beautiful guy wandering around the campus where he teaches:

He really went after that dish of water

He really went after that dish of water

He is gorgeous

He is gorgeous

The campus security guard was about to shoo the dog onto a nearby busy street to get him away from the students. My husband grabbed the dog, put him in his car, and drove him home. He’s now sitting in one of our kennels awaiting our next move. I’ve posted on Craiglist, notified Animal Care and Control, and will likely go get him scanned (to see if he has a microchip, since he has no tags) in a little bit.

My dogs are all jumpy and whiny, so I don’t think we can keep him overnight while we try to locate the owner. It’s too bad, because I really want to make sure his parents find him (if they are looking), or that he goes to a really good home. He’s absolutely beautiful and seems well-mannered. I’m so glad he was grabbed before he got hit by a car!

**Update: after consulting with my dog expert friend and various neighbors, I decided to take him to Animal Care and Control. Oakland has a nice facility, and they don’t euthanize animals. When we got there, not only did the staff recognize the dog, but they scanned him and were able to find a microchip. They told me huskies are great escape artists!**


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