More Pup Rescue

I might as well get a job with Animal Care and Control, because while I was out on my morning dog walk, I noticed a big chow-looking-dog and a little black pug roaming the streets of my neighborhood. They were kind of cute in an odd couple sort of way, but they were clearly out on their own and not on a walk. I promptly took my dogs home, grabbed some leashes, and set about trying to find the free-roaming pups. When I finally got to them and leashed them, I noticed they didn’t have any form of ID. Also, the chow was all matted and dready, and had some gross dingleberries hanging off his rear end. The pug was wheezing loudly and looked pretty old.

I started going around the block, asking neighbors if they knew these dogs. I had no luck until I found a woman who walks a lot of other people’s dogs in the area. She made a few calls, and handed me an address and phone number. I walked the half mile to this woman’s house, and rang the doorbell. She didn’t seem surprised or incredibly worried, as I would undoubtedly be. She was just like, “I don’t know how they got out.” Great, well I hope it doesn’t happen again!

I wonder if I should have taken these dogs straight to Animal Care and Control. I honestly doubt this woman would’ve even gone to claim her dogs, judging from the state of neglect they were in. Careless dog ownership really makes my blood boil, but I know there’s not a lot to be done. I just know that if I see them running free again, half a mile from their house, I will not be taking them back to their owner.

Oh, and a quick search for a dog catcher image on Google to accompany this post reminds me of why I’m glad I’m not a dog owner in China 😦


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