So the dogs I tracked down and returned home on Wednesday were out and about running around the streets of Oakland once again on my morning walk today. Animal Care and Control doesn’t open its doors until noon (I got lucky the other day and happened to catch someone as they were going in before they opened). Luckily the woman who helped me find the owner the other day also gave me the owner’s number. I called her, and once again she seemed untroubled and lackadaisical. “Yeah, they keep getting out.” Um YEAH, maybe you should DO SOMETHING about it!

I wish today was a Saturday so I could go get those dogs and hand them over to a shelter. But I can’t just wait around til noon and roll in to work at 12:30. My job is hanging by a thread as it is; I don’t think it would be wise to start working part-time as a freelance dog catcher.


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