A Recession-Friendly Lunch Fit to Pack

If you’re lucky enough to still have a job, you may face the quandary that I do: what kind of cheap lunch can I pack that will still taste good once it makes it through my commute and four hours of sitting in the breakroom fridge?  I loathe packing a lunch, but going out is not economically feasible and I suppose I should be grateful that this is a problem resulting from having a job, for which I am thankful.

One major problem is that I’ll make something and then not want to eat it once it gets to be lunch time at work for various reasons, usually involving freshness, taste and the effect of time and transit. The exceptions to this rule seem to be yummy restaurant leftovers, pizza, or when I really hit on something that works for lunch.  I think I have found something.  It’s cheap, easy, healthy and most importantly, doesn’t indulge (very heavily) my cheese addiction.

All ingredients from Trader Joe’s. Buy:

  • Salmon Burgers (4 to a pack)
  • Whole Wheat Pitas (hard to separate, so if you know of a better brand, use that instead)
  • Herb Salad Mix
  • Goat Cheese
  • Grape tomatoes (or bell peppers)
  • Balsamic Vinagrette Dressing (or whatever you prefer)
-Bake the salmon burgers on 400-ish for about 20-30 min
-Cut up one burger into small pieces and refrigerate the rest
-Pack a few handfuls of spring mix, diced tomatoes, crumbled goat cheese and diced burger in a bowl
-Pack a small container of salad dressing
-Toss salad with dressing
-Separate pitas (good luck, I hate this part!)
-Stuff with the salmon burger/salad mixture
pita pita

pita pita

I love bringing this lunch to work because the pitas perfectly contain the salad, and I’m not spilling food all over my keyboard. On the weekends I like to use the pitas and salad mix to make tuna pita sandwiches.  As a rule, I do not eat tuna at work as it stinks the place up (a friend calls it her ‘stinky mistress’) and I can never get the scent off of my breath no matter how many sticks of gum I chew.

4 responses to “A Recession-Friendly Lunch Fit to Pack

  1. Thanks for this idea. I swear, your blog could be like the stream of conciousness of my life. I will try this soon!

  2. You’re welcome! Ha, that is too funny about our similarities. Do you have a blog/site?

  3. Nope, just a blog stalker. I’m getting married in November so I’m on wedding bee and newlywed websites all the time. 🙂

  4. Oooh yes, I remember. Are you you going to share your wedding photos on Weddingbee after you get married?

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