The Recession Hits Home, or Work Actually

It’s finally happened.  I haven’t been laid off (not this week anyhow) but my hours have been cut in half. Effective today.

I’m not particularly bitter because a) it’s affecting everyone at my company; b) we get to keep our health benefits (though my gym membership is a no-go, but boo-hoo, right?); and c) the company promises to pay us back once it gets funding (*if* it gets funding).

I’m *also* not bitter because I’d entertained the idea of working part-time while I go to school.  The program I want to do doesn’t start until January, so that gives me a few months of just plain working part-time. Maybe I will look for tutoring or temp office jobs, like I’ve done in the past.  Or perhaps I will watch every cycle of America’s Next Top Model, read the complete works of Dickens, and go for a 5-mile run everyday.

Ok: tiny bit of bitterness here: one idea my boss suggested to me and a coworker who are both relatively low on the payscale at our company was this: “come in at 10:30, take a long lunch, leave a little early.”  Um, this might be dandy if your salary was cut from $120k to $60k.  For those of us whose rent (for a small apartment, mind you) will now be 75% of our income, it might actually behoove us to get another job.  End of rant.

All I have to say is that I am very very lucky to be married and be able to get on my husband’s health plan if my job goes completely in the crapper.  That is one of the many reasons I will vote no on prop 8.  I am also thanking my lucky stars that I didn’t lose big $$ in the stock market, and that I actually *have* some money in savings.  I know many who are losing income or their jobs right now are not nearly as lucky.


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