Oh My God It’s Really Dave

I don’t remember how I found out about Don Lennon, but I loved him the second I heard him.  He writes songs with a critical eye and a deadpan humor about awkward encounters in dorm rooms and not really feeling the love when Dave Matthews mania swept college campuses back in the day. With song titles like “Junior Year Abroad,” “African Dance Class” “Really Dave Matthews” and “Gay Fun,” I feel like he’s speaking directly to the sense of humor of a liberal-arts-educated, cynical shy person who feels just a *little* bit superior and different — i.e. me.  

An example or two of his lyrical brilliance: “When you own all his albums, and you’ve memorized the words / it’s kind of weird to look up on stage, and think ‘oh my God it’s really Dave'” (“Really Dave Matthews”); “You see there’s always more than one way to have fun / and if you’re really freaking out about it / relax: it’s only gay fun” (“Gay Fun”); “We put a man up on the moon but we’re afraid to put a man upon our bodies” (“Our Bodies”).

This is the only decent video of his I could find, but I recommend checking out his MySpace, or one of his albums.


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