Weekend Update

Weekends don’t exactly feel the same when you work Monday and Tuesday at the office, part of Wednesday from home, and the rest of the week is spent in pajamas or workout clothes. I’m not quite sure if I should be looking for another part-time job or just riding this part-time employment thing out until a) I get laid off completely, or b) I start library school in January.

At any rate, my weekend was somewhat strange and included proctoring the SATs, which my husband and I do during some fall weekends as a way to make a little extra cash, and which is always worth it because so many of my husband’s students are excited to meet me; sneaking in a run and a few dog walks while it wasn’t raining; reading The Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri (highly recommended); voting; going to a shooting range in the beautiful East Bay hills and firing a pistol which belongs to my husband (scary at first but strangely satisfying); watching too many old episodes of ANTM on YouTube (OMG did they pick some weirdos for Cycle 10); and going to my parents’ for dinner.

The last item was probably the strangest part of my weekend. My mom is going through a sort of spiritual awakening, and is a very different person these days. I am trying to be supportive as I think it’s totally cool and she seems jazzed about life, but it is a little bit disorienting for me (it’s kind of the opposite of where I am right now, plus it’s always weird when your parents go through changes) and probably very confusing for my dad, who doesn’t seem to know the whole story. Despite all this, I’m glad she’s happy. It’s just bad timing as far as me stepping up to be supportive, because I’m in a big funk lately due to some personal issues.

On another note, I’m really, really glad this danged election business is almost over. If it came any later I’m not sure what I would do. I’m hopeful and I’m ready for a fresh beginning!


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