ANTM Observations

1. If I was a Dutch person, I wouldn’t want to help crazy Marjorie with directions either. This woman seemed terrified of her. I used to think Marjorie was cute like a little lost animal, and I used to find her nervous tics somewhat endearing. I now see that she would make an utterly INSANE CoverGirl. Which doesn’t mean I’m not still rooting for her.

you better run lady

You better run lady

2. Samantha was originally my least favorite, but has come to seem like the most human of the bunch, and is such an unlikely model that she’s become a lot more appealing to me.

Just a regular gal

Just a regular gal

3. In addition to having the IQ of a boxer-slash-model, McKey has got the Dick Cheney-talking-out-the-side-of-her-mouth thing going on. I don’t know which haunts me more: the idea of McKey’s face on a billboard, or that of Marjorie’s. *Shudders*

4. As annoyingly self-righteous as she is, Elina reminds me the most of my young, idealistic/idiotic self (I was a self-righteous vegan at 18) and therefore I shed a tiny tear at her departure.  Hopefully  she’ll remember to channel the fashion monster within as she pursues her modeling career.

Bitch Im crazy

Bitch I'm crazy

5. I think it will come down to McKey and Analeigh.  I’m still working on my ANTM retrospective education, so I’m not sure if the pretties or the edgies are favored.  I will go ahead and wager.  Much as I dislike her Cheneymouth, I think McKey’s got it in the bag.


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