C’est La Vie, Marjorie Est Partie…

It saddens me that the episode where Marjorie finally cuts loose and grows some ovaries is also the episode where she gets the boot. Poor little lost fawn/nervous wreck Marjorie actually calls up some boys, invites them over to party, proceeds to get trashed and ends up in the bathtub fully clothed. Not to mention she totally nails a photoshoot in which she needs to flirt with and kiss a male model. Whence originated these cojones? It seems so cruel to reward her bravery with elimination, but let us remember what a completely INSANE CoverGirl spokesperson she would make (image via fourfour):

Let us also look back on her photoshoots, which weren’t as great as I seemed to remember.

There was the fierce:

The not-as-pretty (I guess the hunchback thing only takes you so far):

And the bordering-on-insane (though I like it in an insane kind of way):

While Jay pointed out on the set of the last photo shoot that Marjorie seemed drunk or high (which may have been near to the truth, as she was probably nursing one hell of a hangover), her pigeon-toed, foot-dragging gait and the wild look in her eyes screamed escaped mental patient to me.

And yet you’d have to be a total brute to not find her elimination a little bit sad, especially when it came time to bid farewell to her bosom friend/bathmate Analeigh. Apologies for the crappy photos:

LOVE McKey’s bored face here:

Be strong, my love:

Marjorie would make a great high fashion model. Unfortunately ANTM is looking for some kind of freakish hybrid of runway/commercial/actress/spokesperson. Even though she’s a bit of a mess, I like her personality a lot more than McKey, who will probably win this thing. Marjorie, you are the last bastion of weirdness in Cycle 11. The finale should be a big yawn without you.

In other ANTM news, and this bodes well for Marjorie, smartypants 2nd-runner-up on Cycle 1 Elyse has a witty and entertaining blog that details her journeys modeling around the world. She’s a great writer and takes some awesome photos of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and various other places her job sends her. The blog is so engrossing, I’ll even forgive her for writing about eating dog meat *shudders*. This fully supports the winning-ANTM-is-a-curse/runners-up-do-better phenomenon. What is Adrianne, the winner of Cycle 1 up to these days?

Oh, yeah.


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