Akshuly a Pretty Good Mascara

I mentioned earlier that I would keep the product posts to a minimum, but I honestly doubt anyone cares about the sanctity of this very small blog. So onward… At Target the other day, a friend and I spent a ridiculous amount of time in the beauty aisles, debating the merits of various eye creams, moisturizers, and face soaps. After a good ten minutes trying to decipher the differences between Neutrogena and Maybelline brand mascaras, I decided that for my anemic-looking lashes, I need to roll out the big (and totally unnatural) guns. Maybelline’s packaging was just so much more… EXTREME, and the product was on sale for only $5-ish as opposed to $7ish. INTENSE XXL it was.

What’s great about this mascara is the white primer goop that you’re supposed to apply first. If you’ve ever tried to apply a second layer of mascara after the first has dried, you’ll find that your lashes have become brittle and stiff and not receptive to a new coat. The goopy primer stuff feels like conditioner for your little baby eye hairs. You apply the regular mascara (from the other side of the tube) after the primer, and if you have non-existent lashes like me, you can reapply extra coats to your heart’s content. Your lashes stay soft and flexible, not dried and spider leggy.  The big bonus for me is that you can actually tell that I’m wearing mascara.  This is the sign of a great product.

This mascara can be a teeny bit gloppy, so if you have a dry mascara brush to do a once-over on your lashes at the very end, you’ll remove any excess gunk.

In short: Maybelline Intense XXL™ Volume & Length Washable Microfiber Mascara, $7.79 from Walgreens, 4.5/5 stars!


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