Mangoes, Plaintains, and Jerk Chicken

During an evening of crunkery with a pal this weekend, we decided we needed to take a fun vacation out of the country. We both have time in January before classes start/resume, and it’s been ages since either of us had a proper getaway. Though money is tight, we both feel that a trip is one of those rare things that pays you back in memories and a feeling of rejuvenation. Let me tell you, I need rejuvenating BAD. Jamaica randomly came up, and the more I think about it, the more I’m sold.

I will gladly go anywhere where you can eat plantains and fresh fish everyday. Jamaica is especially interesting to me because of its historical significance with the transatlantic slave trade, as well as its connection to West African culture. In college I spent a semester in Ghana and I love all things West Africa. I also LOVE early reggae and rock steady more than probably any other type of music.

It’s a quick flight from Miami, and it’s not that expensive (I saw tickets in the $400 range). While I feel a little strange taking a vacation sans-husband, we’ve talked about taking vacations on our own and both of us are comfortable with it. In fact, he’s currently in Montana for the week of Thanksgiving — a last minute decision he made to cheer up his mom, who is ill. The thought of a week or two of snorkeling, eating tropical food, and tooling around the streets in Kingston is both sweet and dandy.


3 responses to “Mangoes, Plaintains, and Jerk Chicken

  1. The one thing I will caution you about is that Jamaica is very dangerous. My husband was told not to leave the resort when he was there, but he felt like that was stupid, so he went with my Dad for a walk through the nearby town and was mugged. Just be careful!

  2. You’re right, it’s certainly got a very high crime rate, especially in Kingston, which I’d definitely want to visit. Yikes! about your husband. I’m someone who likes to get off the beaten path and avoid resorts, so of course I’d have to be especially careful. The crime element is definitely a concern to me, and may factor into my decision.

  3. Hey yeah even I have heard that Jamaica is very dangerous..I was told some similar things.Hey and I have a Weblog when you find time Please visit and do give comments for Good Posts

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