Or How About Islands, Beaches, Iguanas and Canals?

Plans have been made, tickets have been purchased (though as we know, plans sometimes get canceled — I’m looking at you, South Africa vacation).  This January a friend and I will be traveling to…


That’s right, a full-time grad student and a barely-employed, soon-to-be student are throwing fiscal caution (er, and reality) to the wind, and taking an almost two-week excursion down to the “crossroads of the world.”  Sure, there is some major flooding going on right now, but hopefully that will clear up in the next month. At any rate, there are a number of different areas to explore, including rainforest, beaches, and islands. Panama City is supposedly the most happening metro area in Central America, so we will be sure to hang there for a few days.  I’ve been to Costa Rica twice before, so I have a little Spanish and generally feel comfortable traveling in that part of the world.  And as the Moon guide says:

It’s hard to think of a single country on the planet that has so much to offer visitors, yet so few actual visitors. Just for starters, it has incredible natural beauty, a modern infrastructure, good roads, clean water, year-round warm weather, a peaceful atmosphere, and a rich history.

I’m sold!


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