Hot Locks for the Hair-Challenged

Up until junior high, I had thick-to-the-point-of-being-a-problem hair.  My ponytail was wider than my wrist, and it would usually end up hurting my head by the end of the day.  Even a few photos early on in high school show down-to-my-elbows, wild, thick locks.  My Katharine Ross look-a-like* days were numbered, however, after puberty hit.  This delightfully awkward time in one’s life has strange effects on one’s (head) hair. I have a friend who had stick-straight hair the first fourteen years of her life, and was a bit confused when her adult body decided that her (head) hair was going to be curly from here on out.  For me, one of the less-than-joyous surprises of the start of womanhood was that my once Denise-Richards-rivaling hair became a mere shadow of its former self.

Looking at my mom and aunts, I’ve accepted that thin-ish hair is my destiny, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to strive for the look of late-1960s hair.  Thankfully a *good* company with *natural* (albeit *expensive*) products makes a FANTASTIC volumizing shampoo and conditioner:

(Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing shampoo and conditioner).

Each bottle (8oz for shampoo; 6.7 oz for conditioner, but they last a long time) costs around $14, but as cheap as I am, it is 100% WORTH it. Not only does my hair feel softer and less dried out, but I can even look in the mirror and see a little bit of Katharine Ross (circa The Graduate) staring back at me, if I’m squinting and happen to be wearing thick eyeliner that day. I will use drugstore brand mascara, I will forgo my beloved Kiehl’s anti-perspirant, but please, PLEASE don’t take away my Aveda Pure Abundance.

*Disclaimer: I look nothing like Katharine Ross, but on another note, can you believe that she’s 68 and Dustin Hoffman is 71?!?


One response to “Hot Locks for the Hair-Challenged

  1. Ahh yes… Katharine Ross. I would kill to look like that, or even just for her hair. 🙂

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