Beauty for Broke Folks

As I mentioned earlier, my job has gone from a 50% pay cut in October to waiting on three paychecks, as of tomorrow. None of this is that tragic for me personally, as my husband and I can scrape by on what he makes and what we’ve saved. Mostly it just means getting really smart about money, and not spending very much beyond the basics.

Back when I was making a pretty good living and was spending money left and right on anything I could justify as wedding-related, I got hooked on a few high-end beauty products. Needless to say, Aveda and Kiehls are now too rich for my broke ass, so I’ve come up with some cheap beauty alternatives that I like almost as much as their fancy-schmancy counterparts.

       1. Instead of Aveda shampoo, Organix Shampoo & Conditioner.  

I use the tea tree variety and it smells amazing and doesn’t strip your hair like a lot of other cheap shampoos.  Though it’s not SUPER cheap (about $7/bottle normally), I did happen to buy it at a Walgreens for a 2-for-1 deal, working out to be about $3.50 a bottle.  It volumizes/moisturizes just about as well as the Aveda volumizing shampoo, and let me repeat again that the smell is pure heaven.  There’s something kind of sugary about it in a totally natural, non-digusting way.  Looking forward to trying the other delectable-sounding ‘flavors.’ Cost comparison: $28 for Aveda shampoo and conditioner; $14 for Organix shampoo and conditioner (or $7 for both in my case).



pomegranate_shampcond2. Instead of Kiehls antiperspirant, Dove.  

I’d originally purchased this for travel because it was less likely to explode and make a mess than the Kiehls, but quickly realized this was a fairly decent, non-gross-smelling deodorant (I think mine in unscented).  It works pretty well and seems easy on the skin.  Cost comparison: $8/$11 for Kiehls (large/small bottle antiperspirant); ~$2/$4 for Dove.300

  3. Instead of Aveda tinted moisturizer, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer. 

I’ve actually used this moisturizer for a long time, but took a hiatus during wedding stuff because I was convinced I needed a higher end product.  It’s great because it’s makeup quality but still has an SPF 20 rating, and other good-skin stuff such as Retinol.  I also like the Healthy Skin Enhancer powder. Cost comparison: $20 for a ~1oz Aveda bottle; ~$12 (cheapest I’ve found is $10 at Target) for a 1oz bottle of Neutrogena.


If you’ve got beauty product money-saving tips (or any kind of money-saving tips for that matter), I wanna hear them!


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