My 25 Things

I’ve been enjoying reading my friends’ posts on Facebook, so I thought I’d post my own here:

1. Dance is my favorite artistic expression, and is one of my best memories of college.  I take modern dance classes once a week, and am still looking for a good West African one.

2. My husband and I talk about (and in the voices of) our dogs a LOT.  We are both a little cuckoo when it comes to canines, both our own and other people’s.

 3. I’m REALLY glad to be back in school and studying library and information science. Learning is fun.

4. I’ve been out of the country five times but I’ve never been to Mexico, Canada or Europe.

5. I think the internet is the greatest invention ever, and I rarely take its awesomeness for granted. 

6. I became a vegetarian at age 10, and was a vegan from age 13-20.  I still have a lot of disdain for factory farming, but I compromise my morals everyday by eating fish and dairy.

7. On that note, I’ve visited a slaughterhouse twice:  once in high school, and once just a few years ago.  

8. Speaking of which, I’m hugely sensitive when it comes to animals, and thinking about slaughterhouses or starving dogs in developing countries stresses me out.  Animal movies are the movies most likely to make me bawl.

9. There are very few movies that I like to watch more than once.  The Big Lebowski has been my mainstay since high school, and lately Walk Hard has weathered repeat viewings.

10. When asked to write something, I generally write a lot. 

11. One of the unforeseen benefits of getting married was gaining a new family. I love visiting my in-laws in Bozeman and I am awed by the way the entire family has embraced me.

12. I read Icanhazcheezburger and Ihazahotdog daily, and they always makes me laugh.  

13. I never fantasized about my wedding before I became engaged, but once I was, I thought about it every day for a year.  It was an amazing experience, but not so much because of the things I labored over.

14. I love snorkeling but I’m too afraid of open water to do it alone.

15. Intellectually speaking, high school was much more formative and challenging for me than college was.

16.  All told, my graduate program will cost about 8% of what my undergraduate program cost (2 years vs. 4, but STILL). Yeah state college!

17. From my husband I have learned that teachers are ordinary people who work very hard for very little pay and almost zero recognition.  We shouldn’t romanticize teachers and call them heroes.  We should pay them more.

18. My family has two musician/artist types (my mom and my brother) and two bookish/business types (myself and my dad).

19. The most fun I’ve ever had working was teaching for three summers at the Aim High summer program.  I taught Humanities and Circus Arts.

20. I spend more time reading random articles on the internet and reading the New Yorker than I do reading books.  I don’t feel great about this.

21. Despite this fact, I’m terrible at procrastinating.

22. I never imagined I’d end up marrying a Montanan who grew up hunting deer, but that’s one of the many things I love about my husband.

23. If I could, I would eat fried ripe plantains daily.  I did that in Ghana and gained about fifteen pounds in a semester.  It was worth it.

24. I’ve been listening to David Archuleta recently (because my mom likes him – long story) and I like it.

25. I turn 27 next month.  Usually birthdays remind me of how I’m getting older and I haven’t accomplished x, y, or z.  This year I’m right where I want to be.


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