As I mentioned in my brief post about my love for challah, upon which I am masticating as I type this, I’ve started a new workout regimen. An ordinary week of exercise for me usually involves a few runs, a dance class, and if I’m lucky, a hike. I used to incorporate strength training at my gym, but since my work was the entity that paid for the membership, that has been axed. I read about some workout DVDs on Weddingbee months ago, and the other day I decided I’d look some of them up on YouTube. There is a ton of good stuff out there, but I am now completely committed to a monogamous Internet video trainer-trainee relationship with none other than:
Yes, Jillian Michaels and her 30 Day Shred. I had no idea who she was until a few days ago. Now I know she’s the hardass bitch from a show I’ve never seen called The Biggest Loser, which apparently everyone has heard of. I’m not usually into hardass bitches telling me to feel the burn, but it seems she’s a lot nicer in her videos than she was on the show. She runs a tight ship — no breaks or complaining allowed (but how does she really know?) — but also keeps a pretty sane pace and keeps reminding you *why* the pain of the static lunge bicep curl is gonna translate into a hot bod. The best part is the efficiency. The 20-minute workout alternates through strength, cardio, and abs, and leaves you feeling like you just ran for an hour.

I feel morally okay writing about it because I just bought it on Amazon.  It’s a ridiculous steal at $8.49, and that includes all three levels of workouts, 20 minutes a piece.  As a reasonably fit person, I’m at day 5 of level one and it’s still challenging, in part because my muscles are still sore.  But I can already feel myself getting stronger, though whether or not I develop that mannish V that is carved into Jillian’s hips is yet to be seen.


4 responses to “Shreddin’

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  2. I be committed too, if she was in my world.

  3. I’ve done the 30 day shred on and off with my yoga routines. I do it b/c it’s only 20 minutes out of my day and I really enjoy it. I’ve been pretty active throughout my life so doing level 2 and 3 weren’t too bad but they were challenging.

  4. Hey there! I just did 30 Day Shred and I am still dripping from the workout! Good luck with it, I’m sure you will enjoy her! Have a great day,

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