My Two Cents on M.I.A.’s Grammy Getup

miaI might be the only person who thought M.I.A.’s Grammy outfit was flippin’ adorable.  Some have written that it’s risqué for a pregnant woman, but I think it is actually 100% appropriate for M.I.A. and a lot cuter on her nine-months-pregnant body than it is on this lady: polka-dotsI don’t know what it is… it’s just whimsical and cute and Super Mario Brothers-esque on M.I.A. whereas the whole thing falls flat (uh… literally) on this skinny model.  Humor and whimsy are so absent from fashion that I applaud M.I.A. for taking a risk.  I also applaud her for her insistence upon wearing sneakers at red carpet events:

56677440So sue me, I adore this outfit as well.  She’s M.I.A.; she’s about to pop (and pop she did); she can wear whatever the eff she wants to the Grammys.


One response to “My Two Cents on M.I.A.’s Grammy Getup

  1. I totally loved M.I.A.’s Grammy outfit too, for all the same reasons! I thought it was totally adorable, and I love that she’s relishing the beauty of her preggo tummy. I’ve seen several photo shoots of her in the last few months, and she’s always got it proudly on display, which I think is awesome.

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