Cama Matrimonial

I’ve griped in the past about sharing a bed (main issues: waking up to an egregious lack of blanket coverage, waking up to bed partner’s twitching, staying awake due to fear of my own twitching/violent sleep-kicking waking him up).   Well, sleep interruption and anxiety has gotten the best of me, and I’ve taken to sleeping  on our very comfortable living room couch.  No, neither of us is in the doghouse.  This is entirely for the sake of a good night’s sleep. And while it pains me to not be making use of an incredily comfortable *king-size* bed with amazingly soft super-pricey wedding-present-sheets, I’ve tried sleeping there and it just does not work.   

Sadly, after a week of blissful couch sleep (I can toss and turn as much as I want!  I can stay up late – i.e. 11pm – reading!  I can get up to use the bathroom without having to tiptoe back to bed!  And my favorite sleep move, I can mummify myself with the covers!) the magic is starting to wear off.  Last night, even though I’d made up my couch-bed with super cozy flannel sheets, I kept waking up at the slightest noise, convinced that someone was going to come in the front door, which is right across from the couch.  Lamely, I’ve been a little jumpy since the whole Panama incident.  Yeah, I’m a bit delicate, and paranoid.

So I crawled back into the *real* bed around 5am, hoping the relative comfort of an actual mattress would be enough to send me off to dreamland.  No such luck.  I can’t seem to get comfortable unless I have covers wrapped around me on all sides.  When you have two people occupying a bed, this is hard to achieve.  There just aren’t enough covers to go around.  I keep fantasizing about inventing a sheets/comforter set that velcros to the mattress to ensure equitable comforter coverage.  Or maybe we could try using two sets of twin top sheets and twin-size comforters, so that each of us could burrow and wrap ourselves in covers as much as we pleased.  These are the things I fantasize about when I’m lying in bed, wide awake.


2 responses to “Cama Matrimonial

  1. My husband and I actually decided, before we got married, that we would never sleep in the same bed. It’s very unconventional, I know, but neither of us sleeps very well when we’re in a bed with another person. So, problem solved. We often snuggle in the morning, but for sleep, we go out separate ways. Thankfully both of us agree this is the right way to go!

  2. Ah, it’s good to know I’m not the only one! If and when we move to a bigger place, one of our main priorities is to get another bed (and possibly two bedrooms).

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