Pretty Much a Full-Time Student

Apparently there was a meeting at work yesterday (I only go in Tuesdays/Thursdays, and it was unnanounced, so I missed it) where some recent events affecting the company were discussed, and my boss essentially said he had no idea when/if funding would come through.  December 15th was our last regular paycheck, and we’ve been paid once since then.  So yeah, we haven’t been paid in a long while, and we probably won’t be paid in the foreseeable future.  Why we haven’t all been fired (why ANY of us haven’t been fired) and instead made to suffer a long slow death of halved pay followed by missing paychecks, is a question I often ponder.  Certainly enough of my co-workers have taken the hint and found employment elsewhere. I should probably go ahead and file for unemployment, as I’m effectively jobless.

The good part is, I can focus a lot of time on school work, which, in the fifth week of the program, is starting to become a major part of my life.  This weekend I have a group project and a six-page paper due, in addition to the billions of pages of reading and research I ought to catch up on.  The good news is, I am totally into it.  One of my assignments had me visiting two different libraries to compare services, facilities, etc.  Since I’ve started this program, every time I visit a library, I am reminded of how much I love libraries and how excited I am by the idea of working in one.  Now if I could just find a part-time library job while I’m in school… Eh, who am I kidding… I’m just crossing my fingers that the petsitting gig I applied for comes through.


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