Cycle 12: Yawn

So I finally got around to Youtubin’ the premiere of America’s Next Top Moron, I mean MODEL, Cycle 12.  Holy crap, I can’t believe they are still churning these things out.  And they held the semi-finals in Las Vegas, of all places (Tyra even said it was one of her favorite cities, because of all the great “shopping”… um, yeah.).  I was just relieved when they moved the finalists to NYC.  Though a whole cycle in Las Vegas would be… different, and possibly amazing.  I was picturing show girl challenges and casino fashion shows.  But alas it was not to be…

Love: Fo (the prettiest in my opinion), Celia (smart and charming, but 25 – I mean, come ON.  BUT, she referred to Tyra as “extra-terrestrial,” so I gotta give her huge props for that), Aminat (stunning), London (though I think the preacher thing seems a little fake), Allison (gotta love the weirdness).

Hate: Miss Jay’s bowl cut at panel.  All the headbands worn across the foreheads.  Gross.  Also, there are a bunch of very unmemorable girls this time around.  Not enough to make me care.

Surprises: They eliminated the epileptic first.  Well, they still have the burn survivor, so I guess Tyra still has her ’cause’ girl.

I’m not sure I can watch another season, but… who am I kidding.  I probably will.  I gotta give them props for this promo photo shoot at least… It’s kinda fun, and I sorta want to wear all of those outfits (minus Tyty’s):

antm-cycle-12Hm, you think they photoshopped Tyra at ALL?


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