I’m not much of a baker these days, but I like to make pies for events like birthdays, and of course, Thanksgiving.  Last night we had my parents over for dinner to celebrate their birthdays, which are on the 6th and 9th (by the way, EVERYONE I know seems to be born in the first two weeks of March… what’s the deal?  I had three birthday parties on my calendar this weekend, and one was for two people).  I made my now-famous (in certain circles) tilapia with white wine sauce, the recipe for which which I got here, and for dessert, the most amazing frozen key lime pie ever. Seriously, check that link out, make the pie, and let me know how much you loved it.

I substituted soy milk for condensed milk, and it worked perfectly.  It’s plenty sweet.  My only other tip is to make the graham cracker crust extra thick, because there is nothing more delicious than lots and lots of graham cracker crust, once it’s melded a bit with the pie filling and taken on a slightly gooey feel.  The frozen thing might seem strange at first (and it’s certainly a little bit icy/crunchy) but you’ll get over that as soon as the delicious sweet lime flavor takes your tastebuds hostage.  Also, this pie isn’t much of a looker – the end product is custardy-colored with little bits of green zest floating in it.  But don’t let that discourage you – it’s effing delicious.  I’m not even a pie person and I just had a leftover slice with lunch.  (Update: two days in a row). Ah yes, this is why I don’t bake.


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