I Do Not Understand…

I can be a little dense and out-of-touch at times. Please feel free to enlighten me about the greatness of any of the items below.

Katy Perry. Her voice sounds like a saw being drawn across an aluminum can.

Lady Gaga. As far as I can tell, she’s famous for her aversion to pants, as witnessed here and here. She’s really not edgy other than that, and I don’t understand why so many hip and sophisticated people like her.  The production value of her music (as well as her voice) reminds me too much of Madonna or Britney.

Egg white omelets. About as interesting as Lady Gaga. It saddens me that people eat these.

Rock Band. Sorry. I don’t get it.

Gadgets. I went through most of college without a cell phone, and finally bought one in 2003. I didn’t text until last year, and I still don’t do it much. Computers are another story. However, I don’t need a fancy one, just one that enables me to mainline my drug of choice, the Internet.

Disneyland/Disneyworld. I really don’t understand the appeal for adults. Plenty of my friends and people I know have taken trips there post-childhood, and of course we know that it’s a popular spot to get married. Though I can imagine it might be kinda fun a) on drugs; b) if it was free; or c) if you somehow had the place entirely to yourself and didn’t have to wait in line; in general I cannot imagine a place I’d less rather be.

Well, maybe except for Las Vegas. Why does everyone go to Las Vegas? (To drink and eat and gamble and shop, I know…)

High heels. After I got my first high-paying (i.e. enough to live on) job, I went through a “grown up” clothing phase and tried to wear high-ish shoes. I ended up settling for wedges as they were the only shoes higher than flats that I could bear to walk in for more than ten minutes. These days I consider myself dressed up if I put on my nice flats, and on a typical day, I dress like a 15-year-old skateboarder: jeans, a hoodie, and colorful sneakers.  This does not mean I still don’t covet pretty, high-heeled shoes.

TV. There are certain times when I want one, like when the new season of ANTM is airing. But between Hulu, Youtube, and not caring about most TV shows, 99% of the time I feel no need for an actual TV.

People who don’t like animals. Yes, I am even friends with a few of these freaks, and I pity them. Life is just SO much better with little fur-covered creatures that live entirely in the moment and remind us that you don’t need a better excuse than going on a walk to feel insanely happy. End of argument.

In the same vein, people who don’t like the Bee Gees.  They are missing out.

People who are super passionate about their jobs and also very good at what they do.  I don’t understand, but I want to.


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