Worst Makeover Ever

It’s kinda effed up how the makeovers on ANTM are not so much about improvement as they are about making the girls adapt to freakish change.  Oh, and they’re also about shock value. Which, on this episode, Tyra claims is NOT her motivation behind the makeovers.  Um, hello?  What are all the short, bright-yellow hair-dos about then?  And why, oh why, did this have to happen:

Aminat, before:


Aminat, after:

aminat_afterThe sick thing is, if Aminat had come into the competition looking like her ‘after’ photo, Tyra would probably have given her a ‘fro, telling her how she needed to represent her people or whatever.  

The one person that I thought genuinely improved with the makeover (and who incidentally was the biggest baby about it) was Fo:

Fo, before:

fo_beforeFo, after:

fo_afterAgain, we ask ourselves: if these girls want to be models, shouldn’t they be okay with getting their hair chopped?  Tyra has a rare moment of clarity when she says something along the lines of, “being a model is not about looking the way YOU want to look.”  

And how awesome was Jessica’s parting barb?  “I’m gonna go home with my head held high, cuz I think I’m way prettier than some of the girls that are left here.”  Precious. Gotta love how they insist on casting girls who think being a model is all about being pretty, then force a slice of humble pie down their throats when they kick them off, reminding them that “pretty isn’t enough.”  Classic.


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