Mixing it Up

After doing the Shred for the last six weeks, most of the workouts are ingrained in my head, so I’ve been setting a timer, picking an artist, doing my exercises to YouTube playlists for about 30 minutes.  Yesterday was the Kinks; today was Beyoncé.

I can’t seem to embed today, so click on the images below for two of my favorite videos.  The common thread seems to be pets.



Added benefit: though I’m not usually one to be ‘inspired’ by other people’s bodies, I have to fess up that Beyoncé has helped me get through a few workouts.  The fact that she’s curvy but incredibly fit is at once impossible to achieve (it’s called genetics) and somehow inspiring to me, as someone with a curvy frame.  Maybe it’s just that she’s one of the few celebrities out there that I think embodies true sexiness and glamour.  Yes, I’m probably overthinking this, but isn’t she pretty much the queen of glam?  Even when she’s riding around on a cat?

p.s. on a stalker-esque note, I happened upon a site that told me Beyoncé’s height and weight, which happen to be almost exactly my own dimensions.  Hm, then why don’t I look like her?


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