Lazy Friday

This evening was supremely lazy.  I started it all off with a late afternoon nap.  I am able to fall asleep during the day approximately twice a year, so this was quite a feat.  It probably had to do with the fact that I pulled a muscle in my back a few days ago, and sleeping the last few nights has been rough at times, and downright torturous at others.  There’s nothing like waking up to muscles convulsing in pain.  Thankfully, after two and a half days of not being able to twist at the waist or bend down to pick things up off of the floor, I appear to be on the mend.

I made some amazing kidney bean curry for dinner (kind of a mix between curry and chili), the recipe for which I found over at Smitten Kitchen.  Everything that woman cooks/posts about looks unbelievably delectable.  I had a bit of a mishap with the green chili I chopped up — I always manage to rub my eyes before washing my hands, but this time it was worse — the whole apartment seemed to fill up with a toxic spicy air.  I couldn’t stop coughing and blowing my nose, and my husband sneezed about eighteen times in a row.  He actually asked me if I’d used the bear spray indoors (we keep a few bottles around – not for bears but for the crackheads of Oakland).  Luckily with windows open and some coconut milk added to the chili, I was able to avoid further pain to the sinuses or taste buds.  Paired with some too-sweet-but-tasty cornbread, it was a delicious success.

That was about the most exciting thing that happened all evening.  I guess I’m officially old and boring.


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  1. cute cute cute dogs!

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