1. There is a flock of pigeons in my neighborhood that I see every morning when I walk my dogs.  They are always flying in a circle around a specific block.  If James Lipton ever asked me what my favorite sound is, I would probably say the sound the flock makes when they flap their wings, which you can only hear when they are directly above you.  This morning, just as I was rounding the corner into pigeon territory, I saw a bunch of feathers on someone’s lawn.  Then I saw a piegon carcass, and on top of it, a hawk, shameless tearing it to shreds and seemingly unafraid of me and my dogs.  I used to know my birds but I would have to guess a it was a sharpshin, or a kite, or one of the smaller ones.  The point being, natural processes of predation were taking place right here in Oakland, and even though the prey was a member of my favorite flock, it kind of made me happy.  

2. I would rather enjoy my dogs’ company next to me on the couch (after all, they are my main source of social interaction on weekdays) than have a super clean couch.

3. I finally got around to watching an episode of The Biggest Loser on hulu, mainly to check out my girl Jillian.  I am both a) incredibly thankful that I grew up loving to run, play sports, dance, and generally value fitness and  b) totally in awe of how hard the people on the show push themselves.  Running a half marathon when you are still 80 pounds overweight?  Dang, I guess reasonably-fit people like me have no excuses. 

4. I am exercising hard, sleeping well, working hard at school, and enjoying my once-a-week volunteer gig at a local public library.  Is life so wonderful because I don’t have to go to “work?”  Maybe.

5. Cottage cheese + canned peaches = the best snack, lunch, dessert, etc. EVER.


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