Cooking for One

Sometimes, when my husband is in Montana and I’m in Oakland, I cook myself up a delightful tilapia dish, complete with spinach salad, brown rice, and a nice glass of wine:


Other times, I take advantage of the fact that no one’s watching me and I make strawberry-blueberry-banana pancakes for dinner:

Also of note during this week of solitude: I tried a 24-hour fast to see if I could do it, and because I wondered how it would make me feel (I could indeed do it, and it made me feel a little bit sick/sleepy but great the next day), AND I saw a giant wild turkey when I came out of my apartment this morning to walk my dogs. It was just strutting around like it lived here. We’re a long way from the Oakland hills, so I don’t know how it got down here, unless people are now keeping turkeys as pets.


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