The Stuff of Dreams

Maybe it’s just because it’s been ridiculously hot lately and my body probably thinks it has malaria again, but I’ve had some very vivid, involved dreams lately about some pretty stupid stuff:

  • I owed $40,000 for work on my car*
  • I was buying shampoo on sale**
  • Brewster Kahle entrusted me with the care of six pitbull puppies, who grew up to be human orphans, which my grandfather decided to adopt, even though they were all adults***
  • I was talking to my dead aunt, and making potato salad****
  • I was attending a combination graduation ceremony/track and field event*****

*This was like a  bona fide nightmare, I tell you.  I woke up sweating.

**To give you a sense of how exciting my life is: when I was showering this morning and I realized the dream wasn’t true, I was genuinely disappointed.

***Not completely out there, as I’m writing a research paper that involves Mr. Kahle; my husband recently told me about some pit bull puppies that a student of his was taking care of; and my grandfather and his wife tried to adopt a little girl from India a few years ago

****Said aunt left me some money when she died a few years ago, which is currently keeping my unemployed self housed and fed.

*****No idea about this one.  I didn’t have a real college graduation ceremony, so sometimes I dream I never graduated. Foot races, along with dance performances, are pretty typical high-anxiety scenarios in my dreams.


One response to “The Stuff of Dreams

  1. Mine involved a ghost who was upset because we were weeding the library’s collection of glass bottles. The ghost had the ability to make people do crazy things to get themselves killed, and I was the only one who could see her. By the end of the dream she was chasing me. I woke up and elbowed my hunny who was trying to snuggle into me. I genuinely thought she’d caught me!

    The premise was from Fringe (TV show), but I’m sure it was heat induced.

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