Chaos and Concert

My neighborhood has been quite the epicenter of late night activity these days.  Two nights ago I woke up at around three to the unmistakable sound of automatic weapon fire about a mile away, followed by sirens.  Last night it was the metal and glass crunch of a car crash right outside my window.  The whole neighborhood got together outside my apartment building to kibbitz, but I just watched through the blinds.  Some kid had managed to flip his car on its side.  Two other cars were partially wrecked, one of them up on the sidewalk.  The placement of the cars made no sense, nor did the flipping of the driver’s car.  Our street is barely wide enough for two cars to pass each other, and it’s a very curvy side street.  Luckily everyone was all right, but it kind of makes me wish I had better insurance for my car, just in case some other drunken asshat decides to try the same thing.

In happier news, Ted and I went to see ‘Unwigged and Unplugged’ last night at the Paramount in Oakland:

unwigged-3281If you’ve seen A Mighty Wind, This is Spinal Tap, or any of the other films in the great oeuvre of Christopher Guest, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  These guys are comedy heroes to me, not to mention that A Mighty Wind holds a special place in my memory of my early days of dating Ted, so it was pretty awesome to see them in person.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, given that they’re not professional musicians, but they put on a great show, both musically speaking and entertainment-wise.  They played most of the Spinal Tap and Mighty Wind favorites, and even some of the ‘B-sides’ like ‘Cups and Cakes’ and ‘Corn Wine.’  

They used a screen to project various funny clips through the set, including Spinal Tap’s ‘first tv appearance’ from 1979, and something from the early 80’s about a cheese festival, which, in addition to Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer and Michael McKean apparently starred a very young Jake Gyllenhaal.  The screen also came in handy during ‘Stonehenge,’ though I won’t say how… I’m sure it’s out there on the Internet somewhere.

The concert had me smiling from the first notes, and Michael McKean won my heart when, after they chose an audience member by seat number to experience one of the songs in a special way, some lady from the back shouted out an accusation of ‘class warfare.’  McKean shot back, ‘we must be near Berkeley,’ and Guest affirmed that they were indeed trying to keep her down.  I love these guys.


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