The Downside of Running

The past few weekends I’ve done some fast hill running in my immediate neighborhood.  Generally I’ll do 2 laps that are about .6 miles each, then a longer lap of around a mile to finish up.  It’s funny because while longer, slower runs tend to be easy for me, shorter runs with hill work (maybe because I push myself until I’m in pain?) are taking their toll.  

First off, there’s that lovely lung/mucus/coughy thing that happens to me sometimes.  That in itself is reason enough to stick to indoor exercise.  Twenty minutes after I got home from my run this morning, amid continuous hacking, Ted was asking if I’d contracted swine flu.

Secondly is the crazy state my metabolism goes into after running.  After my run I immediately ate a lunch consisting of whole wheat pasta with veggie ‘sausage,’ baby carrots, and some deviled eggs, followed by a couple Petit Ecolier chocolate cookies.  A few hours later I was ready for some afternoon pancakes.  I honestly doubt that during my run I burned the equivalent of the one billion or so calories I felt impelled to consume this afternoon, but I sure felt hungry enough to do so.

Lastly, there’s something about hard running that can make me fatigued for the rest of the day, and can sometimes give me headaches.  I’ve got both the fatigue and the headache going on right now, despite the emergency medicinal Diet Coke I consumed about an hour ago.  Hopefully this truly is just a result of running too hard, and not swine flu (or hog cholera)!


One response to “The Downside of Running

  1. I know what you mean about the headache– I ran eight miles on Saturday, but had no appetite afterward (which is odd for me), about an hour later I had a headache so bad it was making me feel nauseous. We ordered Indian food, and I ate so much so quickly that I replaced the headache with a tummy ache and promptly fell asleep on the couch.
    A couple weeks ago I ran a mere three miles, ate plenty of food, and went out for drinks. By the end of the night I had consumed no more than usual, but was a sloppy mess.
    It’s weird, and even after five years as a runner, I still feel like I can’t anticipate anything.

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