This is Not Flattering

I am sick and tired of seeing this trend wherever I go go shopping (which is usually Target or the sale section of various mid-priced sites like J. Crew)… Designers seem to think that making jersey tops that balloon out toward the hips and gather at a band on the bottom is a great idea.  

Witness Exhibit A (Delia’s):


Exhibit B (Anthropologie):


And Exhibit C (Target):


Though they look all right on the mannequins/models, when it comes to the dressing room, this just ain’t cute, especially if you have hips!  And if you’ve got any hint of curves, chunks, rolls, or whatever you wanna call them, this style will do about as much justice to your body as a Hefty bag.  

I’m all for comfortable casual wear, as witnessed by my firm belief that the right jeans and hoodies can be proper business attire.  But casual does not have to mean a completely untailored sack of fabric.  Much as I live in t-shirts, I am ready for the era of jersey to end, especially if it means we’ll never have to see this dreadful design again.


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