I complained earlier about only being able to enroll in one class this summer.  $1400 is a LOT to pay for one class, especially when you can take up to six credits (i.e. two classes) for that amount.  Well, I got moved off of a waitlist for a class this morning, so I am now taking a class about genres and topics in youth literature.  Honestly, it wasnt my first choice (or second or third) as I’m leaning more toward the digital archives/academic library side of things, but I’m really interested in devling into modern youth lit.  Books were such a big part of my life when I was a kid, probably a lot more so than they are now, seeing as I wasn’t using the internet back then.  The only drawback is a mandatory web class every Sunday night. I guess we’ll just have to schedule those camping trips in Montana around them.


One response to “Sweet

  1. i took a y.a. lit class in the library school when i was in undergrad, and it was awesome. teen literature has changed so much (in a good way) in the last ten years, and it was really cool to see what was going on in the genre.

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