Read This: My Foray into YA Lit

After a heavy month of reading a book on relationships (The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work) and a Willa Cather novel for my book group (Death Comes for the Archbishop), my curiosity led me to some lighter fare for May.  Much lighter.

twilight_book_coverI’d like to say that I’m interested in writing young adult literature, so that’s why I read Twilight and Gossip Girl this weekend.  But no, it was mainly because I wanted to see what all the hype was about, and because, as it turns out, they are both highly enjoyable.

Stephenie Meyer, as we know, is a Mormon mother who has written a ridiculously successful series about vampires.  Vampires.  They’re so hot right now.  Even to the point that their popularity has been parodied on South Park.  Though I found Harry Potter completely unreadable (sorry), I decided to see what this series of thick fantasy young adult books is all about, and put a copy of Twilight on hold at my local library.  There were about 48 other holds on the same title, I might add.

There’s something to be said about a 500-page novel that you can read in two days.  The story is more angsty teen romance novel than Sci-Fi, though the Sci-Fi part kept me interested when the saccharine parts threatened to overwhelm the story.  Twilight isn’t a great novel, but it’s highly entertaining, moody book, and I feel like I understand popular culture just a little bit more having read it.

Then there’s this:

gossip girlI’ve watched a few episodes on the web and the show didn’t really draw me in.  I wasn’t too surprised to find that the book is much sassier, naughtier, druggier, sluttier, and all around more entertaining.  The fantasy of living on the Upper East Side is quite fun and well-imagined, as is all the rich-bitch prep-school high-society stuff. It’s guilty pleasure at its best, which a glossy show on CW just can’t match. Gossip Girl is a great way to spend an unemployed (but should be finishing up my research paper and other finals) afternoon.

And now I’m off to find the next book in each series.  More productive afternoons await me.


6 responses to “Read This: My Foray into YA Lit

  1. gossip girl is the best thing ever and i won’t hear otherwise. seventeen year olds drinking martinis in smoking jackets and running corporations? srsly. you can’t get more retardedly awesome.

  2. What did you think of the Seven Principles book? I LOVED it and use it practically as a handbook for marriage. (along with a Dr. Laura book – ha).

  3. you could read twilight but you couldn’t read harry potter (not enough sci-fi? too much fantasy? (you commented as you liking that in twilight though i didn’t see much in it. it was more of a sappy love story) )
    i’m not taking offense, but seriously wondering…

  4. Oops, I meant to reply here as well. SlimeQueen, I LOVE HP and think Twilight’s not even close to the same level. I wrote this post almost a year ago and have since read and loved the HP series.

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