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A Heart of Stone Could Turn to Clay

My friend Greta is a bit of a genius when it comes to unearthing the worst (i.e. best) music from the past few decades. Through her expert mix cds that she surreptitiously leaves in my car she gets me hooked on this stuff to the point where there is no hint of irony in my love for artists like Styx, Billy Ocean and America.

Hence my love for this masterpiece from the year of my birth. I think the video might be my favorite thing, if not for the song itself (which is my now and forever jam) then for the pastel shirts and tight jeans that stir memories from my early childhood of my dad and his garage band, and the fact that the singer is a spitting image of my favorite friend of my brother’s (though I’m afraid to show this to the friend as he might not get how much of a compliment that is):


Oh My God It’s Really Dave

I don’t remember how I found out about Don Lennon, but I loved him the second I heard him.  He writes songs with a critical eye and a deadpan humor about awkward encounters in dorm rooms and not really feeling the love when Dave Matthews mania swept college campuses back in the day. With song titles like “Junior Year Abroad,” “African Dance Class” “Really Dave Matthews” and “Gay Fun,” I feel like he’s speaking directly to the sense of humor of a liberal-arts-educated, cynical shy person who feels just a *little* bit superior and different — i.e. me.  

An example or two of his lyrical brilliance: “When you own all his albums, and you’ve memorized the words / it’s kind of weird to look up on stage, and think ‘oh my God it’s really Dave'” (“Really Dave Matthews”); “You see there’s always more than one way to have fun / and if you’re really freaking out about it / relax: it’s only gay fun” (“Gay Fun”); “We put a man up on the moon but we’re afraid to put a man upon our bodies” (“Our Bodies”).

This is the only decent video of his I could find, but I recommend checking out his MySpace, or one of his albums.

Rock. Hard.

so fierce

so fierce

I discoverd the gay heavy metal band Pink Steel after I grabbed one of their cds at a music conference this month. With song names like and “Converter” and “We Fight for Cock,” it’s hard not to love them (sorry). Metal and rock ‘n’ roll have had an overtly sexual hetero swagger for so long that it’s time we give gays a turn.

Here’s the video for “Converter.” My favorite line is “You think you’re straight / but just you wait.” 🙂

Also noteworthy in the world of campy gay music is Bearforce1, which claims to be the world’s first ‘true bear band’:

For those of you who can’t watch Youtube at work/school (or need further convincing before you click on the video) I give you this to whet your appetite:

come n get it

come n get it