Too Much Fun

This past week I was graced by the awesome presence of  my friend Kai, who lives in Seattle.  Though she’s one of my favorite people from college, I hadn’t seen her since my wedding, which was nearly a year ago, and before that it had been about two years.  Despite the long gaps between visits, we always manage to revert to our singing-in-the-car, Boons-drinking, home-cooking, beer-swilling college selves when we’re around each other.  

(G and Kai):


We commemorated the occasion by eating pay-per-ounce frozen yogurt:


drinking beer (that’s me and G):


and chilling with baby goats on my friend’s farm in Marin:



It was a fun few days, but in spite of not having to balance the fun with any actual work, I’m utterly exhausted.  Today after I dropped Kai off at the airport, I took a two hour nap, which I’m only successfully able to accomplish about twice a year.  I guess drinking and socializing more in the past four days than you have in the past six months will do that to you, but I also just think I’m getting older.  Ugh.  Despite being old and lame, hanging out with my college clan did me a world of good.  There’s nothing quite as right for the soul as singing along to Nancy Sinatra or Outkast  at the top of your lungs while driving and eating six flavors of frozen yogurt with your best lady friends.  The perfect way to spend my time off from school… speaking of which, summer semester starts tomorrow!


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